Perge – Green Dessert

Perge - Green Dessert

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Perge – Green Dessert
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Where do you end up when you’re able to distil and do a re-interpretation of the essence of Tangerine Dream’s music laid down in the mid 70’s and early ’80’s?

The answer is Perge, a fine collaboration founded in 2012 by UK-musicians Graham Getty and Matthew Stringer with the aim recreating the excitement of early 80’s with their music. For “Green Dessert” they’ve mapped out four lengthy, highly moody pieces integrating encompassing textures and meandering melodies with catchy strings of sequencers, triggering a great vibe altogether.

The overall sphere is gentle and rather elegant, with sequencers pushing the energy boundaries on “Cyclical” and “Bronsium Echoes” the most. Some psychedelics touch down on the opening of “Movements of a Divisionary”, followed by great soaring synths before settling down with tasty piano.

All in all, “Green Dessert” offers no big surprises but two talented blokes who tick the right boxes of TD-realm that so many still appreciate.


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