Perge – Void Coefficient

Perge - Void Coefficient

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Perge – Void Coefficient

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

The title of this Perge release, which took about 3 months to record, refers to a state in a nuclear reaction which is the theoretical maximum output before the core meltdown.

“Void Coefficient” was recorded over the summer of 2023 after Matthew Stringer saw an advert for a ‘virtual girlfriend’, the idea that you could have a relationship with a computer and we’d advanced enough that this was now deemed a viable thing to have in our world. It got him thinking about computers and how our relationship with them has changed since he first used a ZX81 back in ’81. Just being able to type something and it appeared on the screen seemed incredible back then, something out of NASA. It triggered him to watch several documentaries and interviews with people regarding technology, pursuing his passion for those from the late 70s, and early 80s with people who were making these new ‘home’ computers and no one knew what they were for, the idea of video games hadn’t taken off yet, there was a sense that whatever the machines would be used for would be new, they’d make them and wait and see. Next to that, Matthew also likes the juxtaposition between the excitement of new technology and how it’ll revolutionize our lives as well as the fear that it will and it’s letting the genie out of the bottle, we can’t put it back in.

Eventually, things started with collecting audio clips and Mr. Stringer writing out the storybook with the 16-minute opener “Dead Drop” being the all-in tech, virtual people, computers being your best friend, virtual worlds. So the composer deliberately wanted to make the track and use every synth he owned, eventually ending up in a bit crazy mix with over 100 tracks to mix. There is a clear ’80s TD realm present here, most notably that of “Logos”. The second track “Rückkehr der Zeit” backs it off to the beginning, using a sample of a sequence Graham Getty created on the Arp 2600: there were 3 stems Matthew sampled and made the track around it using a recording of Steve Jobs explaining that there’s been little interest in having a computer at home.

“Light Dances on a Broken Mirror” though is kind of a contrast piece that evolves, starting as a soundscape with a sequencer pattern fading in a bit later. Here, Matthew envisioned to try and show the pace of evolution being a logarithmic path. Some closer listening again reveals a bit of the mood and feel of ’80s TD.

The rhythmic-driven and rather bouncy “Eva”, sends the opposing views out sideways, you have the excitement and fear in each speaker: mankind has all this incredible stuff but does it make us happy? One can love technology but should also be very aware of how disconnected it’s making us. In the end, our worlds seem to be getting smaller, not larger because of it…

Hearing “Void Coefficient” ‘s full outcome one could argue Perge keeps sounding like and copying Tangerine Dream´s heydays, but if you’re fond of that this music again hits the bull´s eye.


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