Pertti Grönholm – Winterplanet

Pertti Grönholm - Winterplanet

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Pertti Grönholm – Winterplanet
CD, Orogo Sound, 2013

“Winterplanet” is an intimate electro-acoustic and seasonal travelogue into the extreme cold weather conditions encountered in subarctic environments, in this case the homeland of Finnish composer Pertti Grönholm. Between 1997 and 2003, Pertii reworked, remixed and expanded upon the sonic impressions he originally put down on analogue tape between 1984 and 1989.

The inspiration triggered by natural environments and the rapid shift in temperature, light and moods inherent by the circumstances have led to a warm sounding, very nicely rendered aural excursion reflecting solitude, tranquility, remoteness and melancholy that comes up close and personal.

Mr Grönholm is at his best when he weaves sophisticated minimal sequencing with drifting ambient soundscapes, such as on the mesmerizing “Deep Snow” and “Hibernation”. The rising up to warmer conditions mirrored in the final part is also very cinematic, as one can almost feel the impact of the first rays of sunlight.

Overall, a positive, magical gloom combined with the graceful sound of vintage instruments and an excellent /production/mastering job makes the quieting, occasional minimal as reflective 72-minute outcome shine gently.
I recommend digesting this aural inner trip with a fine pair of headphones.



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