Pete Namlook – Air

Pete Namlook - Air

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Pete Namlook – Air
CD, FAX, 1998

“Air” is the first solo-album and one of the many projects by the prolific German artist Pete Namlook, aka Peter Kuhlmann. It presents an inventive way of merging neoclassical, contemporary and ethnic influences with acoustic instruments into a consistent whole. The 60-minute journey starts out with a deep ambience of drones and shakers, creating an overall mellow mood throughout.

That mood though takes on various strange and intriguing shapes, accompanied by some jazzy-flavored rhythms, samples and light symphonic hints. On the pulsating centre-piece and highlight “Arc”, nice vintage sequencers set things in motion for over 11 minutes, backed by great vintage pads and monolithic chord progressions.

Thereafter, the music shifts into drifting territory on “Mystical Appearance”, followed by the lyrical jazzy-flavored rhythms of the groovy “Chaque Ligne…”. The dronish, soft-soaring “Lost in Passion” with distinct world music elements puts an end to the album, recycling bits and pieces of the previous tracks in the second half.

If you like to expand your horizon on ambient music, make sure you check out “Air”.

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