Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue – Shades of Orion

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue - Shades of Orion

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Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue – Shades of Orion
CD, Fax, 1993

“Shades of Orion” (which would see another two volumes) may be a good starting point when you’re in the mood of some trippy ambient electronics.

The 24-minute cosmic outing “Biotrip” offers long sliding soundscapes, beats and throbbing effects, all executed in a groovy/trancy and overall minimal fashion while a floating melody surfaces upon it occasionally. I can’t say the title track, acting as a bridge between the opener and the third piece, creates much impact for me with its sizzling space musings.

The chilly, almost clinical spheres continue on the bland and quirky “Did You Ever Retire A Human…”. When bouncy beats and groove set in it becomes clear this weird piece is out of place on this album.
Fortunately, the final (ambient chill-out) track “Liquid Shade” returns to the deep, cosmic and otherworldly with smooth shifting and whirling ambient spaces. An alternate heavenly environ seems to beckon here: vast, hypnotizing and infinite.

“Shades of Orion” was re-released in 2000 on the Ambient World-label with a different cover.

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