Peter Challoner – Beneath the Ice Flow

Peter Challoner - Beneath the Ice Flow

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Peter Challoner – Beneath the Ice Flow
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

I received this ambient release together with his remix-album “Interpolation”, so I expected something in the same manner.
“Beneath the Ice Flow” visualizes a sub aquatic journey in which one enters a world of darkening, mysterious lights and shadows.
Altogether, there are three extended tracks on the album, nicely kicked-off by the slow morphing textures of the title track (21:46), taking us below the ice surface.
There are no rhythms whatsoever, just soft freeform soundscapes swirling around the listener who’s interesting journey continues on “Drifting fixed point” (29:51) before all atmospheres gently settle down in the mesmerizing closing piece “Plus 4 degrees” (16:07).

A great relaxing trip for the mind to make things slow down and vaporize. Although certainly featuring darker flavours compared to his former recordings, this is another must-have ambient release that shouldn’t be missed. Again, well done, Peter!


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