Peter Challoner – Deconstructing Silence

Peter Challoner - Deconstructing Silence

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Peter Challoner – Deconstructing Silence
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

Peter’s short line about the album on his website says “live studio recordings of improvisations. Chilled ambient textural layers of sound”.

As one can imagine with such a title, the Eno-esque music of “Deconstructing Silence” is of a serene, quiet, retrospective nature. In all its offers 78 minutes of slow-paced freeform textural soundscapes, coming in 11 separate tracks which are sonically closely connected to each other, as they feel as one continuous flow.

Although certain pieces are more afloat than others, and certain sounds could have been more polished and a tad warmer, the pleasant tranquil effect is always present.
All in all it makes a good companion when resting or as background music while studying.


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