Peter Challoner – Interpolation

Peter Challoner - Interpolation

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Peter Challoner – Interpolation
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

“Interpolation” is the fifth album by the skilled British ambient composer Peter Challoner, bearing the subtitle “Music in Ambient remix”.

It contains six extended tracks all breathing a relaxed but this time a bit more active music (compared to his former albums), as the freeform soundscapes are accompanied by some holdback sequencing and rhythms.
The title track features some heavenly sound textures and a bit Vangelis-like solo-voice carrying a nice flow.
The next tracks continue in the same slow pace of refined and delicately sculptured uplifting sound design, background sequencing and rhythms.

In all a very nice ambient backdrop to make the mind relax, wander and dream for over one hour. Recommended.


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