Peter Challoner – Livescapes_3 Sono Luminarium

Peter Challoner - Livescapes_3 Sono Luminarium

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Peter Challoner – Livescapes_3 Sono Luminarium
CD-R, Ambient Sound Projects, 2015

The 60-minute composition making up “Livescapes_3 Sono Luminarium” is a commissioned piece for the “Arboria” Luminarium by the architects of air, Nottingham, May 2015.

The outcome is a most calming, slowly transforming and evolving string of freeform ambient spheres and pastel aural colors all addressing the ethereal and imaginary. Expect a continuous soundscape of a soft-breathing, harmonious and fluid nature where time and place seem to dissolve.

All in all, this spacious album is a good choice for anyone liking overall relaxed and introspective moodscape tapestries or a soothing aural backdrop to reset mind, body and soul.


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