Peter Challoner – Livescapes_Inception

Peter Challoner - Livescapes_Inception

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Peter Challoner –Peter Challoner – Livescapes_Inception
CD-R, Ambient Sound Projects, 2013

“Livescapes_Inception” contains two interconnected lengthy sonic innerscapes of 30 and 34 minutes each. Each ambient piece is a constellation of uninterrupted, slow morphing soundscapes that trigger the imagination while staying overtly relaxing as it unfolds gently wave after wave.

The first part is a bit more abstract-oriented, while the second one drifts along more melodic, maintaining the calm and lush realm without the slightest element of urgency. In the second half of part 2, a distinct melancholic current is surfacing in the sound spectrum (which on both pieces at times sounds slightly rough and unpolished at the edges).
Still, a recognizable tranquil feel forms the core of Mr Challoner’s free form ambient textures.


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