Peter Challoner – Lunar Tide

Peter Challoner - Lunar Tide


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Peter Challoner – Lunar Tide
CD-R, Private Release, 2008

As Peter tells on the cd-sleeve, the ambient long form piece “Lunar Tide” is the outcome of an experiment in applying extreme sound processing to a piece of music to produce sonic textures contrasting radically to the nature of the original source recording.

Well, the 60-minute meandering soundscape is a beautifully rendered, slowly shape shifting and curling sonic excursion, visualizing a desolate, barren environment.

In this far-off world, where time seems to have vanished, merciless desert winds sweep over empty ocean beds and rock formations. Around the 27-minute mark, the smooth flowing space sounds even start to built, increasing the hypnotizing effect even more.

These well rendered expansive textural plains indeed create an audible recreation of the sound of the “Lunar Tide”, that especially will be liked by fans of Altus.
Highly recommended, excellent produced otherworldly space music!


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