Peter Challoner – More than can be heard

Peter Challoner - More than can be heard

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Peter Challoner – More than can be heard
CD-R, Ambient Sound Projects, 2012

With “More than can be heard”, UK-synthesist Peter Challoner adds his 13th ambient soundscape to his music catalogue. In almost 62 minutes, Peter’s quiet and introspective textures take us into a world of calm ambience in which a fair bit of environmental sketches and urban ambient soundscapes fly by.

These continuous, contemplative sonic paintings seem to be a contra weight to busy daily life, transforming them all into a sedate and overall comfortable ambient space. “High Above” reaches for the cosmic spheres, followed by the soft, immersive spheres that make up “Between Parallel Lines” and “Inside Looking Out”.

A pastoral and rather uplifting mood graces “In Communications”, sonically harkening back to the first tracks. The final track “In the view through all” makes a full circle, blending the timeless with the remnants of the physical world.
Nice going, Peter!


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