Peter Challoner – Music in Suspended Animation

Peter Challoner - Music in Suspended Animation

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Peter Challoner – Music in Suspended Animation
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

This is the last title in the trilogy that started with “Music for Cloudwatching”.

On the concept of “Music in Suspended Animation”, Challoner states: “it looks towards the future, where everything is man made and synthetic, and so high speed that things seem in slow motion, like the state of suspended animation for a space journey”.

Like the previous two cds, this one also contains two long extended tracks of over 30 minutes each. Both feature a delicate blend of heavenly female vocal textures and elevating soundscapes which form an ocean of tranquillity for mind and spirit.

The music contains some elements reminiscent of Brian Eno’s ambient works can’t be denied . Some might call it new age, but this above average relaxation music beautifully links up with the other two albums.
Again, well done.


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