Peter Challoner – Optimum

Peter Challoner - Optimum

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Peter Challoner – Optimum
CD-R, Private Release, 2011

With “Optimum”, UK synthesist Peter Challoner presents a 75-minute ambient ride revealing a progressive, more dynamic style compared to his previous works.

It starts out in a contemplative manner on the first two pieces, featuring a marriage of piano, environmental sounds and gliding textural pads. It’s smooth, slow evolving and overall harmonic ambient in which Peter has incorporated minimal rhythmic structures and sequencer patterns along a classical feel. The 8-minute “Chance Procedure” shifts to a nicely executed Berliner School sequencer outing, all taking place in a minimal framework.

Groovy dynamics nicely surface in the soundcurrent of the strong 15-minute title track, a circular ride through flow and change. This is almost fluently continued on “Carried on the wind”. Sedate, drifting spheres open up on “Meridian”, soon followed by light but fast rhythms, well-tempered sequencer patterns and piano.

On the rhythmic “No Absolute”, a shift to more poignant rhythmic Berliner School sequencing can briefly be heard along gentle soundscapes filling in the background. Smooth choirs and ethereal textural pads start out on the final track that also sees the return of water sounds, all bringing the comfortable journey to a closing.

Mr Challoner’s “Optimum” is a well-executed and varied work of long-form ambient, merging the immersive with the dynamic and rhythmic.
Be mesmerized.


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