Peter Challoner – Subsequence

Peter Challoner - Subsequence

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Peter Challoner – Subsequence
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ambient Sound Projects, 2018

“Subsequence” was born out of the composer’s wish to do an album that was all sequencer composed tracks just to see if he could do it. This approach applies also to his previous record “Convergence”. So almost gone are the pure ambient textures (although they still linger in the background on occasion) and in are vibrant, more high tech electronics with a prominent presence of rhythms and captivating sequencer patterns.

The sparkling 62-minute “Subsequence” is filled with lush grooviness and a pleasant dynamic while revealing more complex aural architecture and layering along the way. This might be due to the project Infinity Curve where Peter collaborates with fellow countryman Jez Creek. I’d even say it’s just a small step of “Points on the Grid..” and “Relative or Absolute” to the music of early Steve Roach or ’80’s TD.

Overall, the outcome is fresh, lively and evocative as the audiences on E-Day 2018 had the opportunity to experience live.
Well done Peter.


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