Peter Challoner – The Other Side of Time

Peter Challoner - The Other Side of Time

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Peter Challoner – The Other Side of Time
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

I formerly reviewed three other cd’s of the sympathetic UK-based ambient composer Peter Challoner, who’s intriguing soundscape music I cherish a lot.

“The Other Side of Time” is a concept album meant to cleanse the mind from the frenzied mental assaults brought about by the impact of our technologically expanding world.

It features two long tracks of 30 minutes each, filled with beautiful choral textural soundscapes.
The freeform textures, designed using the Sound Quest software, are without repetition or loops and are given complete opportunity to spread their wings and slow down our busy minds.

All in all, excellent and very well executed drift music that will surely be loved by fans of Thom Brennan or Eno’s “Ambient #1”.


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