Peter Davidson – Even Darker Still

Peter Davidson - Even Darker Still

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Peter Davidson – Even Darker Still
CD-R, Peter Davidson Music, 2010

Peter Davidson is a multi-instrumentalist who current resides on a peninsula on the Swedish west coast. He made his first steps into the electronic music genre in the late ‘70’s, dabbling around with old radios and monosynths effects.
Later on he would study music theory, but the introduced to the sitar and Indian classical music made him undertake various trips to the USA, India and Nepal to further refine and deepen his music knowledge and skills.

I would categorize the 13 tracks (carrying the moods Solitude Movement Simplicity Harmony) on “Even Darker Still” as expressive and lively ambient, a blend of moody and bright instrumental soundscapes, rhythmic and sequenced patterns.
At times there’s a certain vintage rim to Peter’s original music next to certain repetitive structures. The outcome sounds intuitive, open, taking the listener out there without ending up in a melodic song structure.
The last two tracks on the album are a bit harder, roaming in slightly psychedelic, otherworldly territory.

An adventurous ambient fan will find more than just a few interesting bits and pieces on “Even Darker Still”. Just give it time to speak its voice.
The album is available as download through the usual digital online stores.



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