Peter Davidson – Green Moss Trail

Peter Davidson - Green Moss Trail

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Peter Davidson – Green Moss Trail
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Otherworld/PeterDavidsonmusic, 2011

Hailing from the Swedish Western coastline, multi-instrumentalist Peter Davidson brings us an instrumental album described by the composer as “an ambient journey down the wormhole”.

“Green Moss Trail” is another great example of active and overtly organic ambient music fitting in the tradition of Robert Rich, Steve Roach and alike. There’s a profound vintage feel running through Peter’s slightly minimal oriented music, making up an imaginary world of wonder where analogue arpeggios and sequencer patterns merge with smooth and mesmerizing textural scapes.

Times gentle fades away as the compositions unfold, sometimes with a psychedelic rim while at other passages moving along into pulsating and distorted expansiveness. In addition, the minimal sequencing on occasional tracks (e.g. “Umber Loop”, “Ascending”) give this “undergrowth” music a dynamic, yet swirling effect. At the tail of the album, “Moss Trail Overpass” puts things to an end in a minimal, hypnotic flow.
Overall, “Green Moss Trail” makes an interesting album.

The album is available as download on several portals and CD Baby.



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