Peter Hennix – Ocean

Peter Hennix - Ocean

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Peter Hennix – Ocean
CD, Gterma, 2012

The album “Ocean” (a Rudra Veena meditation) originally saw the light of day in 2004 when it was released on CDr by the new age label Sangha Records. Treasure seeker Johan Rehn of the Swedish Gterma label did quite some troubles tracking down this meditative world music by the sadly departed Peter Hennix, a Swedish producer and engineer with a penchant for traditional Indian music like David Parsons and Klaus Wiese.

The Rudra Veena, an ancient Indian classical string instrument more or less phased out today, takes centre stage on all four lengthy improvisations filling this 70-minute release, and is accompanied by soft, airy synth pads, tambura and Indian Harp. And apparently, Mr Hennix seems to have used a different veena on each track. On the last track, the music takes on a rhythmic shape, as also wordless vocals, bass, guitar and percussion are added.

I personally feel the sound of the Rudra Veena is less accessible compared to those of e.g. the generally used sitar, although the outcome creates a similar mysterious, meditative and ethereal ambience. It’s clear though the instrument strongly acts as a mediator to find a way to express inner experiences.

Still, if you got a knack for traditional Indian music and want to sense its deeper currents, this re-release of “Ocean” is a good choice to get started.



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