Peter Mergener – Astronaut

Peter Mergener - Astronaut

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Peter Mergener – Astronaut
CD, Cue-Records, 2019

Sure, the output of Em-veteran Peter Mergener has been low the last decade, but when something new comes up its worth checking out. This 50-minute concept album celebrates the 50th moon landing anniversary. Various historical speech and lunar communication fragments fly by in the melodic, smooth-sequenced music ranging from nice moodspheres (“Weightless”, “Moondust”, “Earthrise”) till contemporary rhythmic-driven pieces.

Peter’s sonic craftsmanship and fingerprint are clearly present all over “Astronaut”, which features captivating pieces such as “Lunar Mission”, “Solar energy”, the title track and the sparkling “Spaceflight” while the strings of sequencer patterns and overall warm sound design are well accomplished.

While I’ve never been a fan of the cold, clinical sounding Software albums, with “Astronaut” Peter has added another fine one to his solo catalogue.

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