Peter Mergener – Creatures 2020

Peter Mergener - Creatures 2020

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Peter Mergener – Creatures 2020

“Creatures 2012” is a limited edition double cd, featuring the music contained on the albums “Creatures” (1991) and “Let There Me More Light (Creatures II)” (1994).

For the occasion, all this material has been fully remastered, remixed. In addition, Mr Mergener has expanded both outcomes a bit, as he composed four new tracks: “Insects Talk”, “Morninglight”,“The Pride of Creation” and “Treibjagd” (three of them are found on the second disc).

Fortunately, these tracks style and mood have a link to the original concept, although I think the overall impact of the bouncy, almost dancy “Insects Talk” a bit too busy, puzzling and too contemporary. This compared to “Morninglight”, which fits in much better sonically. Despite the raw guitar intro on “Treibjagd”, this track fits best to the sonic design many know from the original albums, here also containing some energetic guitar work.

If you already own the originals, I feel this new edition though doesn’t add enough to justify a purchase as well.


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