Peter Mergener – New Horizons

Peter Mergener - New Horizons

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Peter Mergener – New Horizons
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2023

With his previous release “Astronaut”, Peter Mergener was already inspired by the cosmos and the anniversary moon landing in particular. The 56-minute “New Horizons” (featuring a typical BSC/Prudence cover but released by Mr. Ringlage’s Spheric Music) continues the outer space concept pairing well-tempered, enticing sequences with pleasant melodic chords, spherical pads, and fluid textures. The latter make up the heart and soul of the drifting spherescape “Heart of Space” found halfway.

Musically, the album doesn’t offer much new or surprising: expect a mellow yet sensitive Berlin School mix of Software and his solo- style. It’s well-made and produced electronic music from a veteran in the genre who knows he doesn’t have to break any new ground anymore in his day and age to still be interesting and enjoyable for his followers.

Strong tracks are the opener “Discovery”, the joyful “Astronaut” with nice Berlin School/Jarre-esque spatial sequencing while the catchy “Hycean Planet”, uplifting title piece, and catchy “Ignition” all revive (or should I say celebrate?) the warm core sound of Peter’s first solo albums.  Nice going, Peter!

Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.


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