Peter Mergener – Take-Off

Peter Mergener - Take-Off

Release data:

Peter Mergener – Take-Off
CD, Cue Records, 1992

“Take Off”, a concept-album on “Flight”, was released during the prolific days of German electronic music, and continues in the slipstream of his Mr Mergener’s previous two solo albums. Back are the tasty and Mergener-specific sequencer patterns and electronic drums in a derivative of the Berliner School style, with a good portion of classical influences (by means of strings) thrown in.

Personally, I’m not too fond of the solo e-guitar showing up on “The Eagle”. In addition, I imagine some may also become a bit tired of the old-school drum computer used all the way, which still sounds the same when Peter was part of Software. In that respect, the gentle piano-piece “A moment to look back” is a huge relief, which also goes for all the music where sequencers and drums are not featured (e.g. the first five minutes of “Freedom of Space”.

Since its release, and every time I play it, “Take Off” still leaves me with quite some mixed feelings, the best takes found at the end of the album.


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