Peter Miller – The Violet Flame

Peter Miller - The Violet Flame

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Peter Miller – The Violet Flame
CD, Archon Music, 1993

Peter Miller is an Australian sound designer, musician and digital image artist whose sonic artistry at first reminded me of the abstract ambient paintings by Andrew Thomas Wilson occasionally. Then again, Peter’s third album “The Violet Flame” fits in its own league of cinematic/orchestral electronic music, featuring surreal and classical Gothic influences alongside the specters of horror writers Poe, Le Fanu, Wheatley and Bradbury are threaded throughout its 42-minute duration.

Miller’s sample-based, electro-acoustic and dark-atmospheric outcome contains montages of voice and environmental sounds enhancing the haunting, alienating ambiences with shades of strangely colored twilight while releasing a slight perfume of discomfort. A brief passage of “Blood and Roses” even reminded me of the sphere contained on the classic Dr Who theme before taking off again into a strange otherworld while the mesmerizing “Sleepers” rounding out the adventurous release feels like an encounter with entities from beyond.

A download of “The Violet Flame” has been issued in 2011 by Ultima Thule Media.



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