Phelios – Gates of Atlantis

Phelios - Gates of Atlantis


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Phelios – Gates of Atlantis
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Malignant Records, 2013

It’s time for another journey in dark ambient, this time executed by German musician Martin Stürtzer, aka Phelios, with his fine album “Gates of Atlantis”.

The cinematic ambient voyage starts out dynamic with fierce tribal drumming in the title track piece, thereafter ascending into slow morphing, dark ambient soundscapes and nebulous drone-pads that tickle the imagination and senses from start to finish. Occasionally, the spatial-sounding tribal drums show up again, lending the earthy, textural darkness’s with multiple subtleties in the aural spectrum an extra dimension, brightness and welcome kick. The impact of the ominous music even intensifies on the last two tracks, even letting in a sense of salvation on the immersive “Ascension”.

Most of all, the 47-minute “Gates of Atlantis” is a glowing album demanding focused listening, revealing many fascinating undercurrents, details and layers during the ride. Heard with a good pair of headphones will make the stark and deep atmospheric beauty even more impressive. Well done, Martin!

The digital download version of the album on Bandcamp comes with a bonus track “Gates of Atlantis (Alternate Version)”.


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