Phelios & Parsick – It Always Rains In Wuppertal

Phelios & Parsick - It Always Rains In Wuppertal

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Phelios & Parsick – It Always Rains In Wuppertal
CD-R, Private Release, 2006

This recording contains the live concert these two musicians gave in Wuppertal on November 24, 2006. Phelios, a dark ambient project by Martin Stuertzer, and Stephen Parsick (who got to know each other through a German synthesizer forum) both played one solo set and ended the performance with a collaborative work.

The title track by Phelios opens with drama as brass sound burst out, later ending up in dense, slowly flowing textures and darkening soundscapes with occasional classic string drones and experimental sound design and effects. Certainly no music for the faint hearted and personally not my cup of tea.

Next comes Stephen’s track “Floodland”, which sounds more accessible and suits me better. The atmosphere of deep textural plains of sound, water washing ashore and loops approaches the outcome as heard on Parsick’s concept album “Deltaplan”. There’s even some nice lap steel guitar showing up around the 14 and 24 minute mark as the deep morphing soundscapes seek there way.

The album ends with the dynamic soundings of “Here comes the flood”, which sees Phelios and Parsick nicely playing together as they bring the album to its finale. The fluid, grand textures presented here feature some energetic drums as well.

All in all, this limited edition cd (released in a small batch of only 50 copies) is an ambient work for those loving the deeper depths of the genre, as it can only be enjoyed when one pays full attention.


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