Phillip Wilkerson – Complex Silence 23

Phillip Wilkerson - Complex Silence 23

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Phillip Wilkerson – Complex Silence 23
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Tree Trunk, 2012

Mr Wilkerson states the outcome found on “Complex Silence 23” was born out of extreme emotional pain along a kaleidoscope of personal experiences of life and ruminations on them. The music conveys his personal sense of profound loss and anguish, but also his faith that love and forgiveness can prevail. In the end they stirred the composers creativity to translate at least some of it into music and poetry.

The emotive, at times celestial sounding document starts with field recordings leading into a floating tapestry of gently morphing and curling textures. The expansive and soothing soundscape journey continues and gradually unfolds on the next four tracks, alltogether forming a 65-minute sonic canvas with a highly contemplative, reflective and calming character along a New Age-healing undercurrent.

These inner worlds of pure sonic drift hold a sense of salvation and inner stillness. In addition, (as the Phillip puts it) it can be beneficial, beautiful, and uplifting to the listener who’s willing to open up to it.

“Complex Silence 23” is available as free download from the Tree Trunk netlabel.


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