Phillip Wilkerson – Highlands

Phillip Wilkerson - Highlands

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Phillip Wilkerson – Highlands
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Free Floating Music, 2012

“Highlands”, mastered by Ben Cox (one of the guys behind the Lotus Pike label), is a 66-minute narrative soundscape journey into higher and peaceful spheres, split in four long form compositions.

These free form and rhythmless textures are the doorway to a tranquil and balanced world beyond where things simply float along smoothly. Here, things happen without haste, providing an imaginary scenery of clear blue skies and awe-inspiring mountain peaks.

The most impressive of all pieces is the 21-minute opening piece “Sweet Eva Lena”, an emotionally charged work of art with a beautiful sense of longing and romance running underneath.

All in all, “Highlands” is light ambient drift music bringing solace and relaxation to the ears and mind of the listener. The release is available as free download in Flac and Mp3 format from the Free Floating net-label.


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