Phillip Wilkerson – Sun Tracer

Phillip Wilkerson - Sun Tracer

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Phillip Wilkerson – Sun Tracer
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

With the music of “Sun Tracer”, Phillip Wilkerson has brought us an fine album of uplifting, positive, enlightening, even thrilling ambient electronics which radiates a strong sense of Berlin School pulses.

The inspiration for the album came from some casual reading Philip had been doing on the science of stellar classification, a branch of astrophysics that considers stars based in part upon their luminosity and temperature characteristics. The stellar classification and composition of our own Sun was of key interest to him.

But what really grabbed his attention was the discussion of our Sun’s movement and the tracing of its effects upon the surrounding galactic space as it follows its trajectory through the Milky Way.

This all made Phillip channel this fascination into this captivating work of ambient art and contemporary electronics, which nicely shift between sequenced parts and immersive, atmospheric, non-rhythmic sonic excursions. It’s fine crafted and well-produced celestial music with a distinct own voice which glows and shimmers on the inside.

“Sun Tracer” is available as 320Kbps MP3 free download from the net-label.


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