Phobos – A Visual Presence

Phobos - A Visual Presence

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Phobos – A Visual Presence
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

The 77-minute “A Visual Presence” -which comes with some great imaginative cover-art- documents David’s fourth concert performed at 2019’s UK’s Awakenings concert series, for the composer turning out to be the most enjoyable to that date.

Usually when Mr Thompson performs live he plays completely new music, however not this time as he chose it to be a little different: there’s around 50 minutes of new music, plus live versions of some older tracks. There’s the haunting “Hells Gate” (taken from “Darker”, also one of David’s personal favourites), the smooth sparkling “Celestial Dawn” (from the recently released “Celestial Harmonics”) along  a section from “Dying Star” (from “Approaching Dark Space”) as the recordings encore.

Altogether the six textural soundscapes provide a deep, captivating and quite mesmerizing listening trip into outerspace environs wherein various mystic currents and arcs of tension pass by.



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