Phobos – Celestial Harmonics

Phobos – Celestial Harmonics

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Phobos – Celestial Harmonics
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Frozen Light Records, 2019

With “Celestial Harmonics” (his first factory-pressed album by the way) UK- ambient composer David Thompson continues his journeys into the depths and expanse of space.

Long form textures and slow evolving drone-tapestries make up a dense, sombre sonic environment where darkness and sadness roam. The biggest part of the 23-minute “Disturbed Space” is a bit of a flaw, proving too uniform and static to keep my interest. Fortunately things open up in the tracks final minutes. Aside from that, there’s also beauty on this release in the shape of the last piece “Celestial Dawn” –its brightness and warmth melts the darkness away beautifully to close the album in a much lighter, friendlier mood.

Compared to his previous music “Celestial Harmonics” comes forward less cinematic and intriguing. In addition, the overall volume level of the music is too low.



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