Phobos – Resonances

Phobos - Resonances

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Phobos – Resonances

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

After quite a lengthy hiatus UK artist Phobos brings us another release with all new music created in the moment. The seeds of it emerged after some major renovations done at David Thompson´s house, followed by some pictures on Facebook of finally getting his studio back together. A friend commented that it looked ideal for streaming, with David saying he would like to do some but the downside was his internet was really slow, like snail’s pace slow. To cut a long story short: Peter Baldwin, who runs UK´s Morphic Resonance streaming events, got in touch and said they had a number of artists lined up who had to pre-record as they experienced similar internet issues, and David could do that if he was up for it. It was a no-brainer, so he said ok to the opportunity.

Mr. Thompson started off and picking some of his favorite sounds along with some idea of what he wanted to do, and played them into OBS to record the video and sound. He made sure he also recorded the audio directly to a digital recorder in order to have a high-quality copy of the audio which he would use for the release.

The 58-minute outcome -created live for Morphic Resonance 38, broadcast on 21st October 2023- is a vast, broadening soundscape starting out rather darkish with some sequencing (just lasting for some 10 minutes) surfacing after the 12-minute mark after which textures and pads start to spread over the sonic canvas. More haunting, malevolent atmospheres start creeping in as we approach and knock over the 30-minute mark, all sketching out an abyssal, sinister ambience before new sequences re-appear along a melodic solo voice, all brightening things up in a Berlin-esque style. A rhythm sets in beyond the 46-minute mark followed by a gentle hovering solo voice. The final but tough three minutes submerge into the infinite abstract.

In the words of the moderator: David conjured up a cosmic void that was one part filled with omnipresent dread, the next with expanded psychedelic awareness.


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