Phobos – Tholus

Phobos - Tholus

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Phobos – Tholus
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

“Tholus” contains David’s live in the studio recording performance on Morphic Resonance 46. For this review I chose the continuous version (that comes with the download) that blends all tracks nicely, providing one uninterrupted sonic canvas as such.

Well, the good old Phobos expansive soundscaping is back here, in this case presenting a 61-minute ambient journey through a mysterious, dark, and slightly malevolent alien landscape. No abstract or experimental flavors this time around, but a textural drift took the stage in the first 32 minutes (for me “Tholus” best chapter) before sequencer patterns set things in motion on “Part 2”. I though feel the used solo sound in the latter is a bit annoying, contrary to the airy, hovering pads making up the second half of the piece again. Fortunately, deeper atmospheric, freeform clouds merged with environmental sounds return in full on the drifting “Part 3”.


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