Phragments – New Kings and New Queens

Phragments - New Kings and New Queens

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Phragments – New Kings and New Queens
CD, Malignant Records, 2013

“New Kings and New Queens” is a 32-minute release (limited to 500 factory-pressed copies in oversized fold out packaging) by Slovakian ambient composer Matej Gyarfas, aka Phragments.

The disc contains one continuous drone track spit in six chapters, featuring minimal, slow morphing textural scapes with a strong abstract character. Occasionally, the bleak, sombre and darkening sonic shades get company of orchestral dark ambient swells, while the feel of something menacing underneath remains present all the way.

Anything uplifting can’t be detected in these vast, dense and deep roaming soundscapes, which also goes for a profound feeling of remoteness (and something one could call sacral), embedded in the hypnotic, strangely calming realms.
Note this dark ambient effort is not for the faint of heart.



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