Phrozenlight – Starlight

Phrozenlight - Starlight

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Phrozenlight – Starlight
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ambientlive Records, 2007

“Starlight” is my first encounter with the ambient music of Dutch composer Bert Hulshoff aka Phrozenlight, although the latter has established quite a lengthy catalogue by now, solo and in collaboration with others.

The album, best heard with headphones and eyes closed, features one continuous free form 65-minute piece setting off with space noise and vast drones. The piece evolves in a slow, imaginative and minimal fashion, entering and journeying through dark galactic territory
Here’s some dark and abstract cosmic machinery at work in the vast spacious realm, while the sense of mystery and a string of tension lurks on without the outcome becoming unpleasant, tiring or less accesible.

Halfway, the soundscape patterns starts to open up bit by bit, while soft waving pulses morph in the background and slight heavenly textures surface occasionally. A special note on the resonating, cyclic dronescape found here, which adds a hypnotizing effect to the full drifting experience and prevents the outcome becoming static.

“Starlight”, which would befenit from by some further audio mastering, is recommended to all ambient/space fans out there who are into deeper listening.



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