Picture Palace Music – Indulge the Passion

Picture Palace Music - Indulge the Passion


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Picture Palace Music – Indulge the Passion
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2012

“Indulge the Passion” is the second cd by Picture Palace Music on the established Groove Unlimited label containing 75 minutes of post-rock and contemporary electronica. Contrary to PPM’s energetic concerts, the music on their cds are at a lower volume level, leaving room for more detail, the large range of instruments and the layering of all sounds involved. “Indulge the Passion” is even more quiet.

Once again, Thorsten’s sequencing patterns are most attractive and sophisticated, nicely complementing the bands rather complex and (still) TD-oriented music. Addition, there are some fine tunes on this album, most notably the dynamic tracks “Fiery Fountain of the Stars” and “Passion of Regret”.

A lot of tasty world instruments are thrown in on the atmospheric, quite mesmerizing and minimal oriented “Compass me”. “Continuous Aspiration” forms the tantelizing and up-tempo finale of the vibrant instrumental album.

Without doubt the firmly structured music of “Indulge the Passion” will be embraced by any PPM and TD-fan.

Website: www.picture-palace-music.com

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