Picture Palace Music – Metropolis Poetry

Picture Palace Music - Metropolis Poetry

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Picture Palace Music – Metropolis Poetry
CD, Eastgate, 2010

“Metropolis Poetry” is another cinematic concept album by Thorsten Quaeschning, inspired by Frits Lang’s classic non-verbal movie “Metropolis”, realized in 2005, 2008 and 2011.
Once more, their electronic-post-rock stays close to the output of Tangerine Dream from the begin and mid ’90’s, while at the same time aptly translating Mr Langs vision of the future world into music.

Beside symphonic, theatrical, slightly gloomy and reflective interludes, the 12 tracks are profound expressive and pretty straight-forward when powerful drums and e-guitars kick in. The best exercises are those were Thorsten does the job all by himself, such as “Metropolis Theme” and “MediationProcess”, both found at the end of the album.
The only take that didn’t grab me on this release is the vocal and superficial “Poetry Metropolis” putting an end to it.

Website: www.picture-palace-music.com

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