Pillion – Centillion

Pillion - Centillion

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Pillion – Centillion
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2014

In 2010, I already wrote a review of a digital download-only album by almost the same name (“Centillion 303”) which was released by Walter Christian Rothe & Friends. At that time, I already knew the music on that album was composed in 2008 and featured a concept composition in various parts, a soundtrack for a failed space journey to a distant star system.

This 56-minute hardcopy re-release is slightly different from the download-only album: besides a totally new cover, tracks lengths and titles are totally different while previously existing tracks have been fully remastered by the capable Ron Boots. Next to some slight editing, the new release also contains two tracks that are rather different along a completely track (“Uncertainty”). Although the second half of “Spero” is nice and spherically executed, the previous part is too improvised and inconsistent to make things work.

But then again and according to Mr Rothe, “Centillion” still is not a typical Pillion-release. And contrary to “Halcyon”, Guy seems not to have written for or contributed anything substantial to “Centillion”, with the exception of the already mentioned new track “Uncertainty” (which didn’t appear on the initial, far more consistent download-only release). This piece reveals a far more experimental sound and clinical character, and doesn’t fit in here at all. Fortunately, “Last Day” (which was named “Fire and Water” on “Centillion 303”) following after it is still an excellent, moody piece of electronics and my personal highlight on the disc.

Overlooking the whole outcome, I have mixed feelings about this reworked, less cohesive release and prefer the “Centillion 303” version.

Website: www.facebook.com/walter.c.rothe

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