Pillion – Halcyon

Pillion - Halcyon

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Pillion – Halcyon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2006/2010

Pillion’s “Halcyon” is an album that was shelved after it was recorded in 2006, taking another two years before it was remastered.

The concept album tells a story about the changes in life one has been forced to do, if you have no choice, confirming what Pillion was all about: a way of life, a message, a vision, being yourself and “freak out”.“Halcyon” was actually composed for a stage play, based on the little Greek mythology story which can be read on the cd-cover.

Well, the six overall melodic tracks, made with a couple of musicians Walter was on tour with in 2006, more or less continue in the tradition of the Pillion style. I dare even say it turns the music of the “Enigmas”-release fully inside out. Due to the energetic guitar work by Peter Heijnen and the accompanying power drums and percussion by Herwig Duchateau, the outcome sounds more progressive and rock-influenced.

At times, the sequencing and used sounds realm in the aura of TD’s classic music. “Halcyon’s” at times cinematic, music offers lots of breaks, giving the impression there was a lot of improvisation going on during the recordings. This makes the 66- minute album versatile, but also needing various spins to fully grab it.

In 2010, the album was made available as download-only from MusicZeit, but later on, Groove Unlimited released it as a remastered, factory-pressed cd in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Website: www.facebook.com/walter.c.rothe

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