Polaris & Krzysztof Horn – Collision

Polaris & Krzysztof Horn - Collision

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Polaris & Krzysztof Horn – Collision
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2011

“Collision” contains 52-minutes of improvised live music played by Jakub Kmieć (aka Polaris) and Krzysztof Horn at The Richochet Gatherings event 2011, that took place in Berlin.

Spherical and dreamy music starts out on the 11-minute title track with a distinct kind of movement that nicely carries on on the second piece “Mal du Siecle”. Moody vocoder voices show up at the end of this track, aptly complementing the smooth morphing synth textures. Things turn more rhythmic on the more technological-oriented “Octahedron Moon”, made up of harmonic guitar, spheric soundscapes and lovely grainy effects.

The 15-minute “Berolina Train” is the longest and also best piece on the album. It smoothly develops in a gently sequenced, down-tempo kind of way with vintage undercurrents. Congrats to these two musicians for its catchy and infectious spatial sound design on this track along a mellow-dancy rhythm. A slight Kraftwerkian touch shimmers through the last track “Subconcious choice”, a comfortable up-beat/psychedelic sound experience.

If interested, be quick as “Collision” is another factory-pressed limited edition of only 300 copies from Ricochet Dream.

Website: www.ricochetdream.com

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