Pollard/Daniel/Booth – 5

Pollard/Daniel/Booth - 5

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Pollard/Daniel/Booth – 5
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, English Electronic Music Company, 2013

What I got here is another analogue extravaganza containing the three-part “Sphere of Influence” along the 9-minute encore from the trio’s live-gig at “E-Live 2009” (which didn’t fit on PDB – “3”).

The triptych is a 60-minute journey through the vintage years of the early and mid ‘70’s, offering excellent sequencing, emotive mellotron playing and choir pads, while Michael Daniel adds bits of e-guitar on a few spots. In my opinion, the latter could have been left out as the beauty of the many retro sounds say it all, painting a pleasant otherworldly reality with magical yet surreal undercurrents.

“Part II” is a soundscape without any rhythm, which sees Brendan take the lead with tranquil, colourful synth motifs to which the other two composers add effects and edgy elements. After a searching and rather unbalanced 10-minute intro (again featuring some out of place e-guitar improv), “Part 3” kicks off with dynamic, fast-paced sequencing and additional textures, soon followed by some attractive melodic soloing. Again, some quite fierce e-guitar solos are fired in there.
Sound wise, “Sphere of Influence” contains some analogue flaws and crackles.
The encore makes a nice final, where ghostly mellotron choirs are followed by thundering sequencer patterns, effects and RMI-like guitar work.

Website: brendanpollard.bandcamp.com

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