Pollard / Daniel / Booth – Eight

Pollard / Daniel / Booth - Eight

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Pollard / Daniel / Booth – Eight
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Electronic Composers Outlet, 2018

UK-synthesists Brendan Pollard, Michael Daniel and Phil Booth are known for playing classic electronic music inspired by or reminiscent of mid 70’s TD using analogue gear only. In 2017 Brendan Pollard was very fortunate to be offered back to him three of his old modular system cabinets which he had to get rid of various years earlier due to personal circumstances. He simply jumped at the chance as he had seriously been contemplating getting back into making some music for a while. Still having a few bits and pieces from the old studio he decided to set up a new small recording studio, then thinking it would be great to see if Phil Booth and Michael Daniel were interested in reforming after an 8 year rest.

Of course they were up for it so the three arranged a time in July 2018 when they could visit and do a recording session. This time though the trio worked in a different way, perhaps a more modern approach, to previous times. Normally they used to record live and direct to 24 track but on this occasion Michael incorporated a laptop running recording software plus new equipment so they could synchronize other modulars and sequencer units in a much more user friendly way. This enabled to make supplementary recordings rather than all musicians getting together again. Although the three were all a little rusty to start with, the new method proved comfortable soon with pleasing results in the end.

“Eight” features four 17-minute tracks, a melting pot of vintage equipment (plus Mr Daniel’s occasional e-guitar work) with a respectful nod at the past while tapping in the here and now as well. All compositions are powerful, captivating and sequencer-driven (think “Ricochet” with a twist) featuring a couple of solo-voices surfacing on a few spots while various lovely mellotron chords and flutes fly by as well. Next to that, Michael Daniel’s rocking and soloing e-guitar is most present on “Midges”. Nice move guys!

Website: http://pollarddanielbooth.bandcamp.com

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