Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Pollard/Daniel/Booth

Pollard/Daniel/Booth - Pollard/Daniel/Booth

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Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Pollard/Daniel/Booth
CD-R/Digital Download, English Electronic Music Company, 2009/2019

Synthesist Brendan Pollard has a great eye for collaborating with fellow musicians who love the sound of vintage gear while pushing the boundaries, such as Free System Project and Javi Canovas.

For this project he invited Michael Daniel (aka Hashtronaut) and Phil Booth in his Bedford-based Radial Velocity studio, where they did several jamming sessions.
An almost 67-minute outtake of these live sessions with no overdubs is now released on this album (limited to 100 copies), which seems to be the first in a series, musically sounding similar of mid 70’s TD and early RMI.
It also marks the first recorded outing for Brendan’s new Arrick / Synthesizers.com modular synthesizer, some very nice atmospherics from Mr Booth’s array of kit, plus some solid guitar lines from Mr Daniel.

The three extended tracks now and then really kick some ass with their beautifully, grand vintage sound textures and mellotron tapestries.
The first 30-minute piece “Envelopes” sure is the strongest effort with its long, quiet and moody intro before sequencer patterns, guitar licks and additional synth pads follow.
“Skaters” is an atmospheric, slightly experimental oriented and rather searching sounding outing, while “Ladders” melts elements of both worlds with some RMI-like freaky guitar solos on top.

Note: End of March 2019 the album was re-released on factory-pressed cd due to its 10th anniversary. For this occasion the music was fully remastered.

Website: brendanpollard.bandcamp.com

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