Pollard/Daniel/Booth – September 2009 jams

Pollard/Daniel/Booth - September 2009 jams

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Pollard/Daniel/Booth – September 2009 jams
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

“September 2009 jams” is a limited edition of 100 copies containing only two tracks. It again makes me wonder what fun these guys must have had as this and other outcomes culminated and evolved in the Brendan’s studio.

The over 50 minute “Catalyst” kicks off. It’s a continuous and gradually evolving vintage ride starting with beautiful vintage textures and effects, to which Brendan Pollard smoothly starts adding his varied modular sequencing, which ranges from twinkling sounds to heavy bass patterns.
Phil Booth’s additional synthesizers and some energetic and fierce solo guitar by Daniel Pollard in RMI/Froese style make things even more interesting. In the second half, things end up in nice, quiet retro atmospheres with vibrating mellotron choirs.

The Chaos Balance” starts out moody and quiet, but after ten minutes its runs into a loud passage of heavy twittering effects with an experimental edge to it. This only lasts briefly, after which the spine shivering vintage textures and choirs return. Things at the end seem to wind down quite naturally, but apparently continue a bit further according to the rapid fade out of this 72-minute album.

All in all, those who enjoyed their E-Live 2009 performance shouldn’t hesitate grabbing a copy of this one

Website: brendanpollard.bandcamp.com

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