Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Six

Pollard/Daniel/Booth - Six

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Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Six
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, English Electronic Music Company, 2013

The Berliner School music on “Six” is compiled from various studio sessions in 2009 and 2010, which saw the trio Pollard/Daniel/Booth having lots of fun with the large assortment of analogue gear which Mr Pollard had to let go some time later on.

Three lengthy tracks (all clocking over 20 minutes) show the many sparkling moments of creative, in- the-moment improvisation. The usual suspects such as mellotron(choirs), rolling/driving sequencer patterns and Mr Daniels occasional e-guitar work are featured on this body of work, leaving lots of room for atmospheric and moody sound painting on this recording.

Imagine the spheres of TD’s “Ricochet” and “Encore” to get an idea, still not aiming in any distinct melodic direction. Especially the nicely layered and at times quite thunderous sequencer work on the spaced out “Last One Out” and “Super Roller” is a real joy to listen to, although the psychedelic/experimental stuff heard in the last five minutes of the latter one should have been left out.
Keep it up, guys.

Website: brendanpollard.bandcamp.com

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