Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Volume Two

Pollard/Daniel/Booth - Volume Two


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Pollard/Daniel/Booth – Volume Two
CD-R, English Electronic Music Company, 2010

For years, Steve Jenkins’ Hampshire Jam festival is known as one of UK’s finest EM-festivals, which had the privilege to welcome the Pollard/Daniel/Booth trio on stage during its eight festival in October 2009.

The occasion was made even more special as the three musicians were joined by no other than Jerome Ramsey (Brendan’s sparring partner within Rogue Element) and the vintage duo Ruud Heij and Marcel Engels of Free System Project.

Well, all (like me) who missed out on the concert now have the chance to here the outcome, as the 73-minute “Volume 2” features the “HJ8” concert plus the two encores. The five extended tracks of music take the listener back to TD’s vintage period around “Rubicon”, “Encore” and “Ricochet” offering a great ride of smooth, melancholic and overall moody interludes and more up-tempo sequencer outings, at times topped by Michael Daniel’s energetic guitar work.

The nice thing though is these musicians are also able to nicely expanding the sonic canvas of Berlin School heaven which inspired them.
It just leaves me saying: all who love immersive landscapes of mellotron pads, percolating sequencer patterns and walls of massive modular textures, this is release for you!

“Volume two” is available as download from MusicZeit, as the limited run of 100 physical copies was gone within the blink of an eye.

Website: brendanpollard.bandcamp.com

You can see what reviews I have done of these artists on the Brendan Pollard, Michael Daniel and Phil Booth artist pages


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