Project Andrew Rotten – En Passant

Project Andrew Rotten - En Passant

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Project Andrew Rotten – En Passant
CD, Private Release, 2005

The musician behind Project Andrew Rotten (not an attractive name for a band if you ask me) is German synthesist Andreas Morsch, who some will know as one of the members the fine collective Pyramid Peak.

“En Passant” (mastered properly by Rainbow Serpent’s Gerd Wienekamp) is an energetic and dynamic trip, merging captivating electronic sound from past and present with occasional heavier and melodic e-guitar stuff. The sound of the latter on “Sharp Sequencer” can line up next to those of Edgar and Jerome Froese.

The open sounding 68-minute outcome is a bubbling and pumping melting pot of sequencer-driven and mellow-melodic music loaded with excitement, of which “Again and Again” is fine example. While dipping in the album’s accessible music it’s easy to distinguish various echoes belonging to the Pyramid Peak-sound along quite a bit of tasty Tangerine Dream flavors and some rocking licks of guitar played by Ralf Marschner.

Despite its occasional progrock-oriented sound and impact, “En Passant” is a well-made and mature recording. As far as I know, it didn’t see a follow-up until now.



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