Project Two Point One – Hydrythmix

Project Two Point One - Hydrythmix

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Project Two Point One – Hydrythmix
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1996/2004

The two musicians behind Project TWO Point ONE are no other than Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis.

This first cd-version of the same titled double mc from 1989, which was released in fall of 1996. The music is the same as on the tape, although Ron’s track “Rivers” had to be left out due to the maximum cd time of 73 minutes. Ron gave it the music a proper remastering.

The music on the album nicely carries on in the way of the albums “Dreamscapes”, and even shows some pre-study music which would later end up on “The Escher Drawings” by Bas Broekhuis.
On “Hydrythmix”, the creativity of Ron and Bas perfectly melts, creating accessible tracks with nice relaxing atmospheres and rhythms.

Things are beautifully kicked off by the warm soundings of the opening track “The Rising Sun”, after which the listener is carried away on a dreamy journey which ends with the 21 minute, four-part “Ocean Tale”.

The album was released a second time in 2004 on Groove Unlimited, now including the original version of “Rivers”.

All in all, “Hydrythmix” is a nice sequenced and accessible piece of cinematic electronics which shouldn’t be missed in any collection.



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