Projekt Erde – 11:11

Projekt Erde - 11:11


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Projekt Erde – 11:11
CD, CMS/4U, 1991

Approximately six months after the German duo Hausmann & Stark had finished “Mysterious Vibrations”, the two musicians made a journey to Egypt.
After their return they did the same kind of recording as for the previous album and generated the basic tracks for “11:11”.

Different from “Mysterious Vibrations”, the music of “11:11” got a professional postproduction. Like “Mysterious Vibration”, “11:11” contains four longform space music tracks.

A remarkable difference between the two albums was that “11:11” was a lot more successful than “Mysterious Vibration”: it sold nearly 50.000 copies while “Mysterious Vibration” did around 10.000 copies.
Until today, both albums remain masterpieces in the genre.



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