Proton Kinoun – Apeiron

Proton Kinoun - Apeiron

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Proton Kinoun – Apeiron
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Omnitropic, 2009

I know there are quite some EM-fans out there who love to be catapulted and immerse into the wide expanse of the cosmos. For that purpose, skilled musicians such as Jonn Serrie, Telomere, Thom Brennan, Steve Roach or Michael Stearns have released some very fine albums.

Now here’s Danish ambient producer Kasper Weensgaard (aka Proton Kinoun) who’s capable of doing something similar -although in a contemporary fashion- on his 2009-debut “Apeiron”. The latter is a meditative exploration of the quickening of life on cosmic scales of space and time featuring 70 minutes of quality space music inspired by the amazing images of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Well, this is a sparkling ambient-space cruiser to cross long distances in a far-off galaxy where we float and pulsate onward on tapestries of deep textures, cosmic sound fx’s and assorted electronic magic. Bits of Carbon Based Lifeforms and Solarfields also come to mind when higher paced/pulsating rhythms, vast bass drones and hints of down-tempo surface occasionally like on “Silver Satellite” and “Star Wobbling”. And it’s great to hear the music wind down gently and step by step on “Light Echoes” and “Illimitable”, both floating weightless and effortless in the grand cosmic expanse.

As the label suggests, the use of headphones and complete darkness is recommended for a completely immersive listening experience. And maybe the best thing of all: “Apeiron” is available as free download in various audio formats.





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